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Dear SafePlace Supporters,

SafePlace is pleased to welcome Stacia Vierra to our team as our new Executive Director. Stacia previously worked with the Korean Women’s Association as the Victim Services Division Manager and has performed advocacy work as an Elder Abuse Specialist, Legal Advocate and Sexual Assault Victim Advocate. She received her Master of Social Work from University of Washington. Stacia brings years of direct service experience and leadership skills to SafePlace, and we are so excited to work with her to continue SafePlace’s mission towards freedom from violence. Check out Stacia’s video introduction to learn more about her.

Stacia begins working at SafePlace on May 11. Please feel free to reach out to her at or by giving our Business Office a call at 360.786.8754. Welcome to SafePlace, Stacia!

In Solidarity,

Chris Pfeiffer
Board President