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Dear SafePlace Supporters,

As a SafePlace partner, donor, and community member we would like to start by thanking you for your dedication to our mission and work in our community.

After two years of employment with SafePlace, Sarah Lloyd is no longer the Executive Director. We sincerely wish her well in her next endeavors. 

The Board of Directors of SafePlace has named an Interim Executive Director, Susan Leyster. Her official start date is December 30, 2019. She can be reached at or 360-786-8754.

Susan retired in 2018 from Saint Martin’s University as the Director of Service Immersion Programs where she connected students to local, regional, national, and international non profits to enhance student learning. She brings a breadth of experience with community partners in Thurston County. Susan has a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology.

During this holiday season our services are often needed more than ever. We are very grateful for our community’s broad support as we chart a path forward for an organization relied upon by so many. Our entire Board and dedicated staff are committed to continuing our newer initiatives, and our multiple 24-hour fundamental services. We are devoted to transparency, especially during this time of transition, and we’re thankful for the investment and trust from our community.

For further questions, please contact me, Chris Pfeiffer, Board President, at or feel free to call our business office at (360) 786- 8754.

Please join us in welcoming Susan to our team and thank you so much for your support during this transition!


Chris Pfeiffer                              
Board President