Signs of Abuse

Abuse can happen in any kind of relationship – between family members, friends, housemates, coworkers, in marriages, and in dating relationships. People of all ages, backgrounds and genders can find themselves in a relationship that is abusive. Abuse is never the fault of the person being abused, it is always the fault of the abusive person.

There are signs and behaviors that abusers commonly show. Our quick reference list is meant to help identify red flags and abusive behavior in a relationship. This list is not exhaustive, and abusers might not display every behavior on this list – and still be abusive.

Looking for more information on abusive behavior? Check out our “Signs of An Abuser” list for a more in-depth look at signs of abusive behavior.

If you are being abused; have questions about abusive behavior; or need support as a friend or family member of someone who is being abused, help is available 24 hours a day on our HelpLine: 360.754.6300

Infographic with bullet point list of abusive behavior