Wish Lists & In-Kind Donations

We are not rich by any means, but we are very blessed with what we do have.  It has been important to us to help others in the ways that we can.  When we looked at the wish list for the shelter, and saw the very basic needs that were there, we knew this was something that we could help with.  Our goal has been to help the women at SafePlace take care of themselves and their children, so they can focus on recovery and healing.  ~ Katie, Andy and Eden

Many of the people we serve at our shelter and in the community leave abusive situations with few belongings.  Your donations can help them build a new life.

There are numerous ways to make in-kind donations to SafePlace.  You can donate items from our local Wish List  such as gift cards from local stores and restaurants, gas cards, phone cards, household items, office supplies, and much more.  Even your old cell phone can be a lifeline for a survivor needing to call 911. Your in-kind gifts go directly to our clients and programs, allowing us to stretch our precious dollars.

Please note that we do not accept aerosol products or cologne/perfume.

We are no longer in need of:

  • Stuffed animals

Feel free to contact us at 360-786-8754 for more information.