“Thank you for giving your best efforts in service to those most in need of protection, advocacy, and skills training. Thank you for educating the community: recipients of services, first responders, members of the judicial system, medical staff, family members, young people.

Thank you for being available, without judgment or prejudice. Thank you for continued faith and dedication to your humanitarian mission.”- Community member

Mission Statement

SafePlace works for societal change to prevent sexual and domestic violence while offering crisis intervention, education, and long-term advocacy services.

SafePlace was formed in October 1981, by the merger of Rape Relief and the Women’s Shelter Services, two programs operated by the YWCA since 1973 and 1976, respectively. Since our inception, we have been both a dual domestic violence and sexual assault provider agency in Thurston County.  We are a private non-profit organization. Our sexual assault program is one of the oldest in the nation. A board of directors, staff, and over 90 trained volunteers operate the agency. Our general purpose is to empower survivors to make decisions about their lives, by offering supportive services, resources and information.

Our Core Values

Excellence:  We are dedicated to effective programs with the best facilities we can provide, the finest staff we can hire, and a positive atmosphere for social change.

Respect:  We work to build our relationships with survivors, community members, and each other based on integrity, honesty, openness, and respect for individual rights and choices.

Self Care:  We value self-care for survivors, volunteers, and employees.

Diversity:  We are dedicated to serving the diverse cultures in our community and mirroring that diversity in our volunteers, staff, and board of directors.

Confidentiality:  We hold survivor and personnel information in the strictest confidence and are committed to a culture of trust.