Sexual assault survivors sometimes have many appointments that involve legal systems, medical facilities and other services. One way SafePlace strives to lessen the impact on survivors is through the Sexual Assault Response & Prevention (SARP) program, elsewhere referred to as SANE. This program is designed to provide an immediate response to the needs of sexual assault survivors to provide support at each step of the way.

A SARP team advocate will accompany you to any of these appointments:

  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations in Thurston County 24 hours a day at Providence St. Peter Hospital
  • Monarch Children’s Justice Advocacy Center for child victim exams and parent support
  • Sexual Assault Protection Orders, both temporary and permanent, at the Thurston County Family and Juvenile Court
  • Sexual assault survivor interviews with law enforcement agencies in Thurston County
  • Medical and doctor’s appointments related to the sexual assault: follow-up, reproductive health needs, sexually transmitted infections and/or HIV screening if these appointments are in Thurston County
  • Any aspect of a sexual assault survivor’s criminal case in Thurston County, including, but not limited to, prosecution and defense interviews, sentencing, trial and pre-trial
  • Sexual Assault Protection Orders if the presenting issue is intimate partner or previous partner sexual violence
  • Anti-Harassment Orders if the presenting issue is sexual violence.

If you are in need of any of these services right now, you can request them through our 24-hour help line at 360-754-6300.

If you have advanced notice of appointments, please make your request to April, Program Director, at or by phone at 360.754.6300 x206.

*An in-person response can take approximately 30 minutes depending on travel time, rural locations, and time of day/night.

Click here for information specific to LGBTQ Communities and Sexual Violence.