SafeHome Housing Program

I was able to be part of a move-in today.  It was a wonderful thing to watch this family explore their new home and know that this will be their safe place, a place to make new memories, a place to realize many dreams and plans.  One less family is homeless tonight!

– Erika, SafeHome Housing Program Manager

Our SafeHome Housing Program supports survivors of domestic and sexual violence achieve long-term stability. We provide one-on-one long-term case management to help survivors who are enrolled in our SafeHome Housing Program find, secure, and maintain permanent housing while they fulfill their goals for safety and security in a home of their own.

This is a new program at SafePlace designed to support survivors to obtain safe permanent housing. To be successful, we need your help! Here are some ways you can help support this program:

Housing stock. If you are a landlord and would like to partner with SafePlace to make housing units available to survivors, please let us know!

Expertise. If you have related expertise that you would like to share, consider joining our advisory committee.

Move-in items. When families move into permanent housing they often need common household items. If you would like to donate new or gently used items, see our most current Wish List.

If you would like to donate items that are not on the Wish List, please call (360-786-8754) or send us an email ( and provide the following information:

  1. Photos of the item(s)
  2. Brief description of the item(s)
  3. Date the item(s) is/are available (first date, last date)
  4. Are you able to hold the item(s) until the client is ready to receive it/them? (Y or N)
  5. Have you contacted another organization to see if they want the item(s)? (Y or N)
  6. Are you trying to sell the item(s)? (Y or N)
  7. Are you able to transport the item(s)? (Y or N)

Gift cards. Clothing and hair cut gift cards can make the difference when someone is looking for work. Gas cards can help someone get to those interviews, doctor appointments, or work. Sometimes a family has no way to celebrate a child’s birthday, or to have a special time out as a family. Movie passes, family dining, or other gift cards can help. Gift cards for window coverings and other household items are also very helpful.

Helping Hands. If you would like to volunteer with the SafeHome Housing Program or if you would like to adopt a family who is moving to housing, please email Erika at From time to time we need help transporting donations. If you have a truck and can help us move items such as mattresses, please contact Erika at 360-786-8754 x105.

Community Partners. It takes many individuals, businesses, and organizations to meet the varied needs of survivors who are rebuilding their lives. We’d love to hear from you if you have a skill that would support survivors as they rebuild their lives (examples – job coaches, auto repairs, hairstylists, etc.). Contact Erika at 360-786-8754 x105 to discuss ways that you could partner with SafePlace in support of survivors’ long-term stability.

Financial donations. Your donation for the SafeHome Housing Program will help sustain this program so more survivors receive support. To designate your gift, indicate ‘Housing Program’ when making your donation.

Please contact Erika if you would like to be involved in supporting survivors through the SafeHome Housing Program. Email or call 360-786-8754 x105.

Many thanks to our community partners who are helping make the dream of a safe home a reality for survivors!

Community Action Council

Housing Authority of Thurston County

Thurston County Asset Building Coalition