“Writing a donation check each month makes me feel like I am part of the solution, not the problem.  I know SafePlace will use the money in the best possible way for survivors.” ~ J. Cooper

Foundation Builders members agree to give a specific amount each month to support our mission and work to end sexual and domestic violence in our community.  As a member, you will receive special notices, updates on activities, and annual acknowledgement in our community newsletter.

Your gifts are the foundation that allows us to help families and individuals fleeing sexual and domestic violence.

Your monthly tax-deductible gifts will help thousands of people each year.  Here are some examples of what these donations do:

  • $15 a month will help pay for shelter utilities.
  • $25 a month provides one gas card or monthly bus pass.
  • $50 a month covers the cost of one session of our sexual assault support group.
  • $100 a month can provide for one free legal clinic, bringing together survivors and volunteer attorneys.

We know you understand the importance of our work, so please join us in developing a reliable foundation.  Please contact us at 360-786-8754 ext 200 or send an email to elspethp@safeplaceolympia.org to join the club.


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