Support Groups are cancelled until further notice beginning 3/16. For more information and for support from an advocate, call our HelpLine: 360.754.6300

Support Groups

Our support groups follow the psycho-educational format, which focuses on building skills and integrating experiences to be able to rebuild participants’ lives. The groups are closed and run for 11 weeks.

We collect a list of referrals of folks who are interested while the group is running and then our team reaches out to them for orientations for the next cycle. The format is a 20 minute check-in where each participant shares a brief high and low from their week. There is usually a question that relates to their emotional well being, the content, or some common experience of the group members. Next we go into the content we will be focusing on for the evening.

Some topics include boundaries, domestic violence myths and facts, Intimate Partner violence and why people stay in relationships, coping skills vs codependency, rebuilding trust with yourself and others, 17 signs of abusive personalities, and what are red, orange, yellow and green flags when you’re with someone.


For information on support groups please contact SafePlace.

SafePlace 24-hour HelpLine

Other local agencies that provide support groups: