Finding strength

This is the story of a woman who accessed SafePlace services. Although the outcome was disappointing, this is a success story. We supported and gave her encouragement when others had not. It made a difference. Gerry, a woman in her mid 50s with a disability, came to us from another program. She had moved from […]

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In her voice

The following story is an excerpt from a resident exiting our shelter. People like Crystal are why SafePlace exists. “SafePlace is more than just a shelter. It’s a compassionate, caring place where my family found healing, as well as resources and advocacy to begin our new life in Thurston County. The atmosphere in the house […]

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A Donor’s Story

By Barbara Ursini Growing up in an abusive household, I found myself in abusive relationships repeatedly, for which I owe so much to SafePlace for leading me to freedom. With intense and ongoing therapy, slowly I am turning my life around at the ripe age of 45. It is not easy, but definitely possible. I […]

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