Q:  Is your shelter at the downtown Community Service Center?

A: No. A common misconception is that our location downtown is the emergency shelter. The shelter, which has 28 beds for survivors and their children, is at an undisclosed location for the privacy and safety of those we serve. The building downtown is our Community Service Center where we provide walk-in advocacy, client financial and legal assistance and many other services for those who are in various stages of rebuilding their lives from domestic violence and sexual assault. This building also houses our prevention education community engagement programs to stop violence before it starts, as well as housing our administrative and business functions.

Q:  Are your services only for women?

A: No. Our services are available for anyone who is a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault. Our emergency shelter is available to adults and children/youth up to age 18 who are accompanied by a caregiver. Walk-in advocacy and legal advocacy services at our Community Service Center are available to anyone who is a survivor.

Q:  I can’t leave  because I don’t want to leave behind my pet.

AContact us about making safe arrangements for your pet during your shelter stay. We partner with Red Rover to provide housing at a local kennel for your pet at no cost for the duration of your stay with us. You may visit your pet while it is being kenneled.